Ditching HEY, Part II: Switching to Fastmail

August 22, 2021 • 10:34 PM

Although I’m moving on, HEY was a great reminder of what good email experience is like—spam-free, auto-filing and customized workflow, and the power to block senders and never hear from them.

In the second part, I’ll introduce my new choice of email provider—Fastmail. For US$50 a year, Fastmail provides me a comprehensive email service package at half of the price I paid HEY.

Part I: HEY sucks
Part II: Switching to Fastmail
Part III: My Fastmail workflow

Fastmail Overview

Fastmail comes with three tiers and I’m happy with the Professional plan at US$50 a year. And it’s the whole package—

Migrating to Fastmail

Migration to Fastmail was quick and easy. HEY provided me the export of mail in the format of MBOX, and I was able to import everything using macOS Mail app. Contacts are exported in standard VCard format, and can be imported into Fastmail directly.

Switching every account over to a new email address is no easy task, but the experience has been OK. I switched over from an old Gmail account a few years ago. I did the same switching over to HEY. I am not afraid to do it a third time.

Migration for my professional email accounts were easy, too. I just had to edit the MX record and CNAME for my domains, and Fastmail started to work within 15 minutes. I just needed to set up the aliases on each iOS and macOS devices I have so that I can send and receive emails on them.

My Fastmail Setup

Here’s a visual hierarchy of my mailboxes:

I’m a month in using Fastmail and I like it so far. I’ll use the final post to explain my automation with it.