February 9, 2023 • 8:16 PM


I’m working on PlantPal, the app that helps you track home gardening tasks.

PlantPal has been a tool for those who are experienced and know what to do. Right now I’m focused on being more useful to those that are getting started with home gardening. This includes providing how-to articles on the basics, recommending easy-to-care-for plants, and letting people know what the app can help them achieve.

There are also a few performance refactors I planned—I can’t control it that I’m constantly learning the right (or better) ways to use Apple’s frameworks like Core Data.

Learning French

I gave Duolingo another go after 3 years, and subscribed to monthly premium. I’m currently on my Day 6 and enjoying it. There’s practical value to know some French living in Canada, as I reckon. It also just intrigues me to be learning a new language—it helps me gain empathy, and give me a different perspective on how language can be structured entirely another way.

I’ll revisit the effect of learning with Duolingo in a month. I wonder when I can graduate to watching some French sitcoms.

Updating My Website

I’m writing a Now page, like literally now. I plan to make it something I update once every 1–2 months.

I’m also making a Using page to list out the tools/apps/brands that I love. Maybe that’s gonna also give me some affiliate pocket money—who knows.

Both Now and Using will go into my website footer. I am struggling to decide if I should write in English or Chinese. Probably Chinese then, when I update this page later. It’s an ongoing battle to be translating my thoughts.

I also want to give my /technical page a shake up. It’s a little too shabby for what it is. I can see myself contributing to /technical on three fronts: iOS App Development, Data Engineering/Analytics, and Nerding Out (such as when I research how to do personal backup right, or what a hardware security key can do).

This is a Now Page. It shows you what I’m currently focused on. If you have a personal website, consider making a Now Page of your own.