Introducing Someday

February 21, 2021 • 3:16 PM

Someday App

Here comes my new app, Someday.

It helps you keep track of things that bring you joy. It is not a task manager that helps you get things done. It inspires you to do the things you love, again, and again.

The Origin Story

Someday is inspired by the lack of normalcy during the pandemic. Remember the day you saw a movie in an actual theatre, or the last time you visited family back home? When did you last go on a trip, camp in the back country, or ride a roller coaster?

Things we used to do are just out of reach for the year of 2020. But there are also things that get revisited: things you tried for the first time; things you never thought you’d enjoy.

These are important bits of life. But there isn’t an app that tracks them. I’ve been a happy user of Things app for almost a decade, but the joys of life doesn’t fit in a task manager.

That’s why I made Someday. It does very little by design. You can track the last date you did something, and arrange the tasks manually. You can customize your bits with colours and emojis. They sync across your devices over iCloud. That’s it.

Why Is It Free?

People call me cynical and they are not wrong. When I see an app that is available for free, without ads or in-app purchases, I think there’s a catch. Or there’s at least an explanation.

Why is Someday free? I’ll be upfront: it’s free for three reasons.

  1. I have a day job. Creating apps is one way to scratch my creative itch. It brings me more joy to know that something I created is loved by thousands, than to have 20 users and earn money merely enough for a few coffees.

  2. This app was “quick and easy.” It doesn’t (and probably won’t) do much. I’ve intentionally scoped the app down to the minimum, because —

  3. — I’m testing things with this app. I’ve never created an app that uses CloudKit. I’m planning to make it my first watchOS app. I want to have an app that shares the same code base on iOS, watchOS and macOS. I want to use this app to learn to nail accessibility features such as dynamic font. I have already learned to write unit and UI tests and plan to do that more dilligently.

And there you have it.

If you love Someday, I encourage you to check out my other apps. I might add a tip jar, but I’m not counting on it for serious revenue. You might be able to unlock alternative app icons. Or there might be “pro” features in the future. Just might.