August 10, 2020 • 3:47 PM

A few days ago, MX finally had his film rolls developed (at Kerrisdale Cameras), and we took a Saturday trip to Chen’s to have the negatives scanned.

What makes analogue photographs special — as I’ve come to realize — is how little they attach to a specific context. Context is long gone by the time the entire roll of film gets developed. Instead of “we took a hike up Crown Mountain and here are some photos,” analogue photos feel like “here’s a picture of me with the smile of triumph and fatigue.”

The special colour profile from the chemicals are quite secondary compared to that.

The hike up Crown Mountain in July 2020.

Somewhere downtown Vancouver, possibly from spring of 2020.

Lynn Valley. May 2019.

Autumn on Ontario Street, East Vancouver. October 2019.

Strolling Olympic Village from god knows when.