Valley of the Five Lakes

July 11, 2020 • 9:51 PM

… was the first actual hike we took for the trip. 2.5 hours and 6 kilometres long, the trail is exactly what it says it is in the name: it’s a valley, and there are five lakes. The lakes have different depths and display their own distinct hue of turquoise.

The hike was light and easy — no challenging terrains, lots of flats. After a short grind up the valley, there was a sight at every turn. Here’s Third Lake, unfiltered and untouched from my iPhone XS —

Third Lake of the Valley of the Five Lakes

Third Lake.

The hike was short enough that we managed to fit it in before the long drive down Icefields Parkway to Banff. It felt like the dessert of a five course meal: not as magnificent as Maligne Lake and Canyon or the falls, but something quite interesting to remember.