Athabasca Falls & Sunwapta Falls

July 11, 2020 • 10:06 PM

Speaking of the falls, here’s Jasper’s famous Athabasca Falls —

Athabasca Falls. Shot on iPhone XS with Spectre app.

And here’s Sunwapta Falls, not as famous but the island and the trees make for interesting composition and are seen a lot on Instagram —

Sunwapta Falls. Shot on iPhone XS with Spectre app.

The brown patches of pine trees are actually dead. We learned from a local that the trees were killed by a species of beetles from B.C., and they are heading south bound to Banff. The locals are concerned with the dead trees being fire hazards, but nothing was being done by the government. Whatever the beetles don’t kill will thrive in a few years or decades, and nature will run its course of recovery.