Setapp Apps of Choice

March 2, 2020 • 3:17 PM

Here are some of my favourite apps from Setapp: there are the ones that I’ve been using for years, and the ones I’ve recently fallen in love with.

Bartender 3 is a handy tool that hides overflowing status bar icons.

MindeNode is a mind mapping tool that’s both feature rich and pretty.

PDFPen is your best replacement of Mac’s (as long as you don’t have PDF Expert, that is).

Paste is the one and only clipboard history manager you’ll ever need.

Marked 2 allows you to preview any markdown file after they render.

Timing gives you the insight of how you use your Mac — you’ll know how much time you spend being productive, and how much you’ve watched The Office for the third time.

Numi is a plain text-based calculator that does simple maths in a breeze.

2Do is your best Reminders companion for advanced task planning.

TripMode cuts your Macs internet connection when it decides you’re tethering data from your phone — must save data!

Ulysses is a full featured app for those who write and write a lot.

Tooth Fairy allows you to toggle AirPods and all other Bluetooth devices with one click.