There isn’t a thing as a “tech lover.”

Technology brings around many possibilities. It improves our lives in many aspects.

Maybe it’s a better enjoyment of life with a more colour-rich TV, a speaker with better sound quality, or a gourmet piece in the kitchen that enables new recipes.

Maybe it’s about less pain with everyday tasks, with a more powerful vacuum, a smarter laundry, or quieter dishwasher. Or it can be as small as a wireless charging pad that saves you from plugging and unplugging a cable twenty times a day.

Maybe it’s something that empowers you to do the things you love, like a lightweight pair of headphones that powers you through a workout, or iPad and Pencil that get ever so close to pen and paper.

But to blanket those needs and wants as technology is lazy. Calling your customers “tech lovers” is only the result.

Gift ideas for tech lovers --- Best Buy Canada

“Gift ideas for tech lovers.” — Best Buy Canada. Don’t even get me started on the different colouring choices for “Tech” and “Lover.”