HRZN 3.0.2 Really Supports iPhone 11 Pro (As Intended)

September 27, 2019 • 12:00 AM

With the most recent update, HRZN 3.0.2 supports iPhone 11 and 11 Pro for real.

The last time with Version 3.0, I had no iPhone 11 to test on (I still don’t have a friend who can loan me an 11 Pro). As a result, the zoom factor was wrong:

AVCaptureDevice Zoom Factor
(as I thought)
Zoom Factor
iPhone 11 Pro, 13mm 0.5x 1x
iPhone 11 Pro, 26mm 1x 2x
iPhone 11 Pro, 52mm 2x 4x
iPhone 11, 13mm 0.5x 1x
iPhone 11, 26mm 1x 2x
iPhone XS, 26mm 1x 1x
iPhone XS, 52mm 2x 2x

Who’d thought that Apple’s shows 0.5x but it technically is 1x?

So it was fixed right away. The methods in TLCameraFramework were updated accordingly:

The variable is called “effective zoom factor” to distinguish from wording in Apple’s official AVFoundation framework.