The Siri Pie Chart

  1. An accidental touch on Apple’s greatest 21th century invention: the tacky Touch Bar on your majestic MacBook Pro.

  2. The non-existent “Hey, Siri” that Siri thought it heard but actually came from your casual conversation; or some dialog in BoJack Horseman, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, or you favourite sit com.

  3. The verbal request to cancel a 15-minute timer, which was previously set when you asked Siri to “Start a timer for fifty minutes.” You’ve also tasted tremendous failure when you couldn’t let the robot hear “fifty” no matter how hard you try to shorten that “i” and to place infinite stress on the first syllable.

  4. The verbal request to start a 49-minute timer because, let’s face it, you can’t start a 50-minute one.

  5. A legitimate, intentional, and meaningful Siri request.