Jeff bought a $70 hammer. It’s a pricey but really good hammer. Jeff really likes this hammer. Jeff thinks and hopes the hammer will work for a few years at least.

Two months later, Jeff was approached by a sales rep of the hammer’s manufacturer. “We put new features in the hammer, and now you need to subscribe to access the new feature.”

“No thanks, I’m good.” Jeff is fine with the very hammer he paid full price for.

“Then we’d have to take it away.”

Jeff curses but has no choice. The hammer magically vanishes from his hand. He joins the angry mob on the internet.

The CEO of the manufacturer posted a blog, stating the reasons behind the tough decision.

“We need ongoing revenue to cover development costs for new features. It connects to your iPhone and intelligently tells you how to swing it better. And we have so much more under the hood. If we kept charging you guys up front, we can’t focus on impressing you with new features, can we?”

“But I paid the hammer for what it was. I paid full price.” Cries Jeff.

“Well, we can give you discounts in recognition of your long time patronage! Aren’t we nice! Since you just bought it, we will extend the grace and let you use it for free for three full months!”

“Fuck you.” Murmurs Jeff.